We also provide free safety seatbelt covers and Vial of Life for families interested in ASD Band Together!!!

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Our program, ASD Band Together, is a partnership between the Lee County Sherriff’s Office (LCSO) and Family Initiative Incorporated. Individuals diagnosed with ASD may exhibit unique behaviors and challenges in unfamiliar social settings. Our goal is to voluntarily enroll individuals in a program which supports them and law enforcement within our community. We have launched ASD themed wristbands containing individualized identification numbers and the LCSO Band Together hotline.

These wristbands are offered at no cost throughout Southwest Florida for individuals diagnosed with ASD to help quickly identify those individuals who may have unique needs. LCSO maintains a database for individuals enrolled in the program which provides emergency contact information which is utilized by law enforcement for individuals who may have eloped or engaged with law enforcement. Training continues to be provided to all law enforcement officers to ensure they have the tools to interact appropriately with the individuals wearing Band Together wristbands. The wristbands serve as a safety measure, as well as a way for those in the ASD community to identify and support others who may have an ASD diagnosis.

If you are interested in the ASD Band Together Program please email us at info@fi-florida.org or call 239-910-0712.

Wristbands are now available!

ASD Band Together