The founders of Family Initiative, Inc. have lived, worked, and enjoyed Southwest Florida for many years and are statewide leaders in the Florida child welfare community. They are social workers by training, but more importantly, they are social workers in their hearts with a drive to create something that will improve lives. The result is an organization that challenges traditional thinking in an effort to support kids and families throughout Florida.

Much more than a career, this is a calling David and Anjali were born to do, and they love the opportunity they’ve created to help children and strengthen families and communities.

David and Anjali are grateful for the generosity and enthusiasm of Family Initiative donors, volunteers, and supporters. Without these people and organizations, David and Anjali could not fulfill their calling to serve.

David Brown MSW

David Brown, LCSW

Co-Founder and President

David has dedicated his career to serving children and families. He is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked with children in the child welfare system for more than two decades and has developed programs and training to help improve the lives of both children and families. David has served in many leadership positions for child-centered, family-focused organizations nationally and across Florida.

In his role as Quality Parenting Initiative Program Coordinator for the Youth Law Center, David has worked across the nation with foster families, child welfare leaders, and stakeholders around the United States to build a collaborative environment for children in need.

David is now fulfilling his dream to change lives by helping create a thriving nonprofit organization in Florida – Family Initiative – that serves children and adults with autism spectrum disorder and families engaged by the child welfare system.

Anjali Van Drie MA MSW BCBA

Anjali Van Drie, MA, LCSW, BCBA

Co-Founder and Vice President

Anjali is a licensed clinical social worker and a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. She has worked for more than a decade with families involved in the child welfare system and children with disabilities. Anjali has also worked collaboratively with thousands of families across Florida and community-based care agencies. A sought-after expert, Anjali has led presentations around the state and across the country to educate parents and professionals on best practices.

Anjali’s love is working with children, and she has spent much of her career consulting with school districts, providing clinical training and feedback to support children in need. Providing training throughout the state and advocating for the families served by Family Initiative is more than just a job or career to Anjali. It’s her passion.

She is the recipient of the 2018 Florida Association of Behavior Analysis Charles Kimber Public Service Award for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis in the Community.

Board of Directors

David Brown, President

Lamont Eddins

Chad Woolf

Jessica Van Hart

Anjali Van Drie, Vice President

Leah Koehler

Amber Zollinger

Juan Pena

Eileen Webster, Treasurer

Maryann Devivo

Margie Mitchell

"Family Initiative never judges. They’ve never judged any of our stories or any of our kids. In the school setting and with doctors, we often felt judged."