Family Impact Program

Our Family Impact Program is designed to support caregivers, as they love and support our children. Due to the challenging backgrounds many of our children come from, we draw upon the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) model to support families in building resiliency and trust for the children in their care. Our team of clinician’s offer both educational and in-home services to support caregivers in their parenting approach by creating a holistic environment which supports our children, we allow them to thrive.

Our education forums support caregivers who may be dealing with ongoing behavioral concerns in their home, or may simply need tools to strengthen their current repertoire of disciplinary techniques. Each family is provided the opportunity to tailor the recommendations to their own situation with the support and guidance of our team members. During our education forums we focus on the core concepts of TBRI to talk further about how we utilize the empowering principles to address the physical needs, connecting principles for attachment needs, and correcting principles to disarm fear-based behaviors of children.

We also offer in home support to help provide the caregiver an individualized intensive level of care and support. Our team of clinicians work hand in hand with caregivers to assess the needs of the family and create a treatment plan unique to their particular home. We support caregivers by providing evidence based interventions to strengthen their repertoire of skills to use with children in their home. The ultimate outcome, however, is providing a child a chance for a stronger, more stable environment, and a place to grow and thrive.